(Original Swedish title: DÜSSELDORF, SKÅNE)

A coming-of-age drama about love, death, and synth music. The year is 1986 and it’s the end of summer. Fredrik – 19 and Nina -18, live in a small village in Skåne, Sweden. Fredrik is passionate about creating synth music and Nina dreams of becoming a photographer in Stockholm. Fredrik’s synth-pop band ”Vision Moderne” is set to perform their first gig, but meanwhile his parents are on the verge of ruining everything for him. It all comes to a head during the most crucial weekend of Fredrik’s life.

Director: Patrik Blomberg Book

Producers: Viktoria Blomberg Book, Nicholas Wakeham, Patrik Blomberg Book

Screenplay: Patrik Blomberg Book

Cinematography: Joen Bergenrud

Editor: Patrik Blomberg Book

Casting: Patrik Blomberg Book & Southgate Casting

Sounddesign: Mathias Schlegel

Production Company: Fat City Pictures AB

The film is produced by Fat City Pictures and co-produced together with Film in Skåne – the  regional film fund in southern Sweden and supported by Moving Sweden through the Swedish Film Institute and Swedish National Television – SVT.


Patrik is an award winning director of documentary and commissioned film work. He lived and worked in Copenhagen 2000–2007 and in 2009 he was awarded the Robert Award for Best Documentary for the film ”Lille Voksen” (Little Miss Grownup) made together with long time friend Anders Gustafsson. He directed music videos for international record labels 1991-2003. Patrik has released more than 350 tracks under the artist name DA BOOK. He is also known for the cult-favorite 80s synth band, ”Ausgang Verboten”